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Nutrition Basics

What Made You is What Heals You


The Dr. Robert Young's Acid-Alkaline Food Chart.

Dr. Robert O. Young is a pioneer in the critical acid-alkaline balance of body chemistry. His transitional food chart helps people make choices from disease/acid causing foods, to life giving alkaline foods where people experience a level of wellness, energy and mental clarity that most people don't know exists.

Acid and Alkaline Forming Foods

Here is a helpful list for discovering what foods you are eating are more Alkaline or Acidic.

Symptoms to Expect When You Change Your Diet


Food Combining For Digestion

Understand food combining and eating accordingly is one of the greatest enhancers for vibrant health.

The Importance of Calcium

Learn about the benefits of Calcium and Magnesium, as well as how important they are in fighting ADD and Depression.

Why Dietary Supplements?

This article will provide you with information on why you need to supplement your diet, and the benefits of sea vegetables and Aloe Vera.

Health Formula is Always the Same

This is a letter from Holly describing her approach to improving your health.

Serious Health Resources

For people who are health Challenged Recommended books, Tapes and Clinics


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