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Why to Cell Saturate with Body Balance


Cell saturation is the process of remineralizing your body from having eaten a lifetime of foods that have been grown on demineralized soils. The US soils rank at the bottom of the list world wide with 85% soil depletion. Even buying organic only means no herbicides and no pesticides, which does not mean mineral rich. Many farmers neglect to restore their soils with the Rare Earth or Trace Minerals. Consequently, the foods grown on those soils do not contain these essential minerals that we need to be healthy. The minerals are simply not available anymore, anywhere, except in the sea. Not in any supplements, not in any algae, not in any food, not anywhere that we previously have had access to.

Unless you are buying directly from a very conscious farmer who knows to add the Rare Earth minerals to the soils, you have no way of knowing the nutrient value of your food. So, we must look to the ocean for the nutrition we have lost in our soils! Body Balance is the first liquid whole food that comes from the sea. Our food is only as good as the soil itís grown in and our bodies are only as good as the food we eat. Since our soils are so depleted, it is now a non-option that we need to supplement our diets with the missing nutrients. Body Balance is natureís highest octane with the highest absorption and provides every one of the Rare Earth minerals and Trace Minerals that our bodies were designed for.

Body Balance is a perfect mineral match to human blood. If you were cremated, what would be left would be a pile of minerals, not fats, carbohydrates or proteins. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust we are all made of the same stuff. A third party lab did a mineral analysis comparing Body Balance to human blood. It turned out that they were an exact match, mineral-wise, and almost a perfect combination - ratio-wise!!

Bottom line, if you set the body up right and give it what it needs, the body has the capabilith of healing itself. What made you is what heals you! Itís no wonder I have had the privilege to witness people in the Cell Saturation program who have been to Mayo, Menengers, Johns Hopkins and been diagnosed with everything from allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, auto immune, Epstein bar, lupus, MS, hepatitis c, fibromyalgia, migraines, seizures, arthritis, hormones imbalances, etc., and who have regained their health. By getting the vital minerals and nutrients in Body Balance and following the Laws of Nature and allowing the body to do what it knows how to do many people have dramatically improved, if not completely regained, their health.

The rebuilding process begins with Cell Saturation and restoring the minerals in the body. Cell saturation is a unique experience for each person. As you begin to cell saturate your body with Body Balance, the Rare Earth minerals start to permeate the body at a cellular level to rebuild and repair all your systems (cellular, glandular, hormonal, digestive, enzymatic, circulatory, lymphatic, metabolic, and elimination systems) to name a few.

An important part of the rebuilding process is learning to tune into your body and follow the cues that your body will give along the way. Itís an opportunity for you to develop a relationship with your body. Your body has a language, too, and it is always trying to tell you something like: I am tired, I am hungry; I need to go to the bathroom, that didnít digest well; I need more exercise; or I am stressed. Unfortunately, many of us have become deaf to this language. Our daily habits and hectic schedules prevail, whether or not we know better. It just has a different language that most of the time we donít listen to because we donít think we have the time or donít want to change our habits, even if we know better. The reality is that the body should have first say of what we do and AFTER itís needs are satisfied, we get to do what we want, not the other way around. The truth is: You pay for you health now or you pay for it later!!


Instructions for Cell Saturation

You will need a case (8 quarts of Body Balance) to start with.

Begin with 2 oz. on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Increase 2 more ounces 4 days later. (Now you are taking 4 oz a day)

Increase by 2 oz 4 days later (Now you are taking 6 oz a day)

Increase by 2 oz 4 days later (Now you are taking 8 oz a day)

Keep increasing 2 oz every 4 days, as described above, until one of 2 things happens; detox or cell saturation.


Why the Body Detoxes

When the body has the full complement of minerals, it begins to do house cleaning (detox), which slowly removes the insults (toxins), which then clears the stage for rebuilding and repairing the body at a cellular level.  This is excellent for your health because it means that your body will be cleaner, thus healthier.  In the long run, you will feel a lot better- like the “sludge has been cleaned out.  Depending on your situation, the detox symptoms may last for a few hours or a few days.  It is temporary and a once in a lifetime operation. You may experience the detox symptoms in waves as different levels of healing occur.  The ideal thing is to “ride out” the detox but if it is too difficult, reduce the amount of Body Balance to slow down the detox process.  There is no reason to be uncomfortable.  Listen to your body.

Tips To Handle Detox

  • Rest
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid as much as possible the acid-forming foods
  • Reduce amount of Body Balance until symptoms disappear
  • Increase the amount by 1 oz every 4 days instead of 2 oz
  • Drink more water (as a minimum drink 1/2 your weight in ounces)
  • Colon Cleanse
  • Herbal Body Wrap

Detox Symptoms 

50% of people experience some kind of detox: Headaches, nausea, irritability, flu like symptoms, skin rashes, diarrhea, fatigue/exhaustion or anything the body knows how to do to expel toxins. The good news is that the Body Balance is working.

You may want to cut out the Body Balance for one day and let the toxins pass through normal channels. All it means, is that you are spilling toxins faster that you can eliminate them thru normal channels. When you have stabilized and are detox symptom free, resume taking 2 ounces less for 4 days and then continue increasing. If you go back up to the level where you first experienced a detox, repeat above and loop around until you hit that level WITHOUT experiencing any detox symptoms. Once you are through the detox phase you may continue increasing 2 oz every 2 days. It’s less expensive that way and the goal is to get to Cell Saturation, which is where the magic happens.


Cell Saturation – The Goal

You feel wired like a coffee buzz. You might have trouble sleeping that night but you will not feel tired the next day!! Some people report that they feel super charged or over amped. What this means is that you are at a level where you have assimilated as much Body Balance as you can at a given moment and in order to feel comfortable you need to back off the Body Balance so that you don’t feel wired during the day and can sleep at night.

Here’s where the magic begins. You need to stay as close to ‘Cell Saturation’ as you can for as long as you can and still be comfortable and be able to sleep. Let your body tell you when to begin to drop down from the ‘Cell Saturation’ amount level of Body Balance. The longer you wait and higher amount of Body Balance you stay at, the more minerals are available to rebuild and repair you, the faster the job gets done.

Here’s how it works. You have a certain daily quota of minerals, depending on the day. The more out of balance, the more minerals you need. Some days you wake up feeling better than others depending on how stressed you are, how much sleep you got, what you ate, whether you are fighting off a cold, etc. The problem exists from having eaten a lifetime of de-mineralized foods compounded with living a lifestyle that is out of balance.

Most of us are minerally depleted for one reason or another so we need to re-mineralize our bodies once and for all. IT’S THE MINERALS ABOVE AND BEYOND OUR DAILY MINERAL QUOTA THAT ARE AVAILABE FOR THE REBUILDING AND REPAIRING JOB.  Let’s say you do the ‘Cell Saturation’ process and you get up to and ‘Saturate’ (feel wired) at 16 ounces a day. In order that you can sleep and not fell wired, drop down 2 ounces to 14 ounces a day and stay there for as long as you can until 14 ounces a day feels like 16 ounces used to when you hit ‘Cell Saturation.

Let the Body Balance and how you feel determine when to lower you amount. What’s happening is that your body is starting to rebuild and repair itself  because it now has an abundance and surplus of the minerals it needs to do the job. The more minerals above your daily quota of minerals, (which are the minerals you need for your daily activities and body functions) the faster your body can repair itself. As you repair, you won’t need as much Body Balance because your body is starting to kick in and function again. It’s finally getting the minerals it needs that are above your daily quota usage that it can use to rebuild itself. What a concept!!

Most people end up after the Cell Saturation program taking 4 to 8 ounces a day depending on how great they want to feel without feeling wired and still able to sleep.

Let your body guide you. Do not rush this part of the program. This is where the magic happens. You are rebuilding your body at a cellular level. It’s incredible what awaits you. People often say, I didn’t know that this level of health and wellness was even possible. You are on your way to experiencing the beginning of ‘Extreme Health’.

Remember, food is only as good as the soil it’s grown in and our bodies are only as good as the food we eat. US soils rank at the bottom of the chart world wide, with an astounding mineral depletion of 85%. Since our soils are so depleted, it is now a non-option that we need to supplement and liquid whole food is the highest octane with the highest absorption and the easiest way to go.

Even if you eat organically, it only means pesticide free. It doesn’t mean anything about the mineral composition. That’s up to each farmer and how much he replenishes his soil. Remember, eating organic is definitely better but it is no guarantee that you will get the most essential rare earth minerals that our bodies absolutely require to function optimally. Those minerals are now only found in the sea. And unless your organic farmer is replenishing with those rare earth minerals from the sea, you are not getting them. You are what you eat.

Here’s the cool thing about Body Balance. The body will heal itself if you give it what it needs and set it up right. Across the board, after people go thru the ‘Cell Saturation’ process and get re-mineralized from the Body Balance, people report that they experience:

•Consistent energy and more of it throughout the day. Naps become a thing of the past

•Emotional well-being and even temperament. 

•Emotional highs and lows are less volatile and even out.

•Sleeping less and waking up more refreshed

•Eating less because the body is getting fed the essential nutrients and rare earth minerals.

•Food cravings diminished if not gone. Weight loss, (if needed).

•Ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods.

•Immune system improved.  Better resistance to colds and flu’s.

•Common symptoms often alleviated such as; headaches, allergies, and asthma etc.

It like turning the clock back.

Be sure to check out the stories under Testimonials to see the amazing things that have happened to other people who have gone thru the Cell Saturation process.


Contraindications and Cautions

Body Balance is a whole food and will not interfere with most medications.

If anything, it enhances the effect of medications. As an example, of you are on high blood pressure medication and your body starts to heal and functions more on its’ own, you may find your blood pressure is lowering more than your doctor wants and he may have to adjust and lower the amount of blood pressure medication you are taking. We recommend that you have your doctor monitor you during the cell saturation process if you are on any medications.

Also, if you are allergic to Iodine, which is one on the minerals found in seaweed, you can take Body Balance homeopathically and start by diluting 1 TBS in a quart of water and increase the amount gradually.

Body Balance is very powerful, especially to people who have a lot of toxins. If you have a big reaction to the Body Balance (ie. big detox) and can not tolerate any Body Balance, you might already be up to your limit or threshold with toxins and might have to start with the Herbal Wrap or the Colon Cleanse to lower the toxic load in the body so that you have some room to detox more when you start the Body Balance.

Your body is always trying to house clean and heal itself. When you set it up right by; remineralizing it with Body Balance, removing the toxins with the Colon Cleanse and rebuilding it with my Shake, you gain access to an incredible life force. My total delight is to help you discover a level of wellness that most people don't even know exists. And it's just waiting for you. I got my life back and am not dreaming my dreams anymore, I'm living them. And so can you. It's not easy but whatís the alternative?

I have devoted the last 10 years to this website and it contains the information you need to reclaim your physical health. And if you choose to share what happened to you, you can reclaim your financial health, as well. As you know, what I am really about is for you to have the abundant health and creative energy to do the things that are on your heart and get to the things you came here to do.

With greatest appreciation for your journey, I send you profound encouragement that you may experience your God-given gifts of healing.

So let the magic begin!
To Your Extreme Health
With Love, Holly




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