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Sleep Secrets

Sleep is a big deal and hugely impacts your health.

The major sleep interferences are:

1. Eating too late and/or going to bed hungry.

2. Eating any sugar or sweet things during the day and especially at night.

3. Looking at TV or seeing an action or thriller movie before bed.

4. Being too cold and not have a warm bed to crawl into.

5. Sleeping with an electric blanket or on a waterbed.

6. Talking on the phone right before bed.

7. Sleeping near a digital clock, which creates an EMF (electro magnetic field) that inhibits the deepest sleep cycle which affects healing.

8. Drinking caffeine or alcohol.

The remedies are:

1. Eat 4 hours before bed.

2. No sweets at all, all day.

3. No TV within 2 hours of bed

4. Take a hot bath before bed.

5. Put an electric blanket on the bed and UNPLUG (very important) before you get in to bed.

6. Phone out of bedroom.

7. Get battery clock.

8. Read a non - stimulating book that is unrelated to the details of your life.

9. Get a white noise maker. Sharper Image has one.

10. Ear plugs

11. Sleeping mask. 9, 10 and 11 are all great for traveling and sleeping in new environments.

*Use Sunset, Osteoprocare and Dream Away, any and all, to aid in sleep.

The truth is the formula is always the same.

Follow the above document to the tee.

Do the cell saturation exactly as it says.

Don't take Body Balance in the afternoon.

Get on Cornerstones program as a meal supplement.

Biofeedback, books and tapes to learn how to manage stress.

Eat properly.

Do OsteoProCare right before bed.

Here is some additional information that may be helpful.

You can also order, for yourself or go in on it with a group, the tape ($1 a tape, minimum order of 50) by calling Greg at Crusader News Letter in Florida at 800-593-6273.

I am in the process of buying the rights to the tape. I promise you, you will change lives if you just hand them out. It is the best tape I have ever heard on how the body works and why it degenerates.

It should be mandatory listening for everyone. If you like what you hear on the tape, you can actually call Gary Tunski, who is the speaker of the above tape, and make an appointment for a private consultation (972-670-9235).

He's expensive but what's the cost of life? If one follows all this it is the best chance for a major healing.

I know this is a lot to recommend but the more you do the better results you will get. The Life Force products are only ONE of the essential elements of the health quotient.



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