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It has a lot to do with the study of "definitions."

The FDA has very specific definitions for the following words: Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrient and Nutrition. Once the FDA defines a "health-supporting compound" as "essential for life," it gains "nutrient" status. Then the FDA determines the daily amount necessary to maintain a base amount of health. They refer to this as DV - daily value. Only those vitamins and minerals that have achieved "nutrient status" are given DVs, which are then considered essential for life. To date, there are only 13 vitamins, 14 minerals, and 3 fatty acids that have gained "nutrient status." Additionally, the FDA has established DVs for protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber.

Before any product can be called a "nutrition product," it must contain at least 10% DV of at least one vitamin, or mineral. Many "natural source products," like Body Balance, do not meet the FDA's definition of nutrition. However, it DOES meet the definition of Mother Nature's "phytonutrition." Therefore, with many of Life Force's products, you will see a new focus on emphasizing "phytonutrition." Before a health-supporting compound gains nutrient status, it was already a "phytonutrient." Phyto means plant. Therefore, a phytonutrient is a health-supporting-compound from a plant. There are literally tens of thousands of phytonutrients, which the FDA has not researched enough to know whether they should be considered "essential for life." However, in the meantime, these many phytonutrients do a major job of supporting health and wellness. In fact, the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) states that research in phytonutrients is very intense.

An important distinction that applies to phytonutrients is that they are "natural source" and "organic," which means they are not synthetic. Almost all-nutritional supplements are made with "synthetic vitamins" (made in a lab), and "inorganic minerals," which means ground up rock, or shells.

The significance of this is that the human body has a built in intelligence that recognizes "natural source" phytonutrients, and "organic" minerals (i.e. from plants.) The body has natural defenses to "filter out" alien materials, such as synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals. That's why the body needs less of phytonutrients than man-made nutrients. The best way to present this in one sentence is: "The human body VALUES whole-food phytonutrients over man-made synthetic vitamins and ground-up rocks."

*You may also obtain additional information on Phytonutrients here.

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